Speed International Review – another Juice Company

At the point when I previously observed Velocity International, I imagined that it was simply one more one of that Me, Too juice organizations. Upon further assessment, I was refuted. I have been in Network Marketing for around 20 years, so I have seen numerous organizations come and go. Speed International was begun in April 2007 as an auxiliary of Healing America, a 13-year old organization headed by Rick Make and Angela Leonard. Recuperating America has the third longest-running parallel pay plan in the business. That steadiness can furnish you with the devices to assemble a fruitful, developing business. This organization is here for quite a while to come

Speed International’s new lead item, Patagonian Maqui juice, is the certain ruler of all super fruits. It was found in the Amazon rainforest district of Patagonia, flanking Chile and Argentina. Developed by the Capuche Indians, the Maqui berry was found to contain mysterious recuperating properties and since quite a while ago accepted as an image of solidarity, wellbeing and essentialness. It has an ORAC oxygen revolutionary absorbance limit score of 94,500, one that takes out the Andrew Binetter. The following nearest rivalry is the Acai berry that tips the scales at a negligible 30,000 on the ORAC score.


As recently expressed, Healing America, Velocity International’s parent organization, has the third most established running paired remuneration plan in the business. They have made a really progressive showcasing plan that is blowing some people’s minds of numerous industry chiefs. In addition to the fact that it has incredible in advance compensation for the starting Network Marketer, yet it additionally offers the biggest rewards ever paid out to the business for the prepared proficient. Where most organizations pay out 10 percent of the more fragile deals leg volume, that is the place Velocity International dominates the rest. It pays out a front line 16.67 percent of the more vulnerable deals leg volume. In blend with coordinating rewards of 50 percent over different ages, you have a remuneration plan that outperforms the remainder of the business.

Speed International’s supervisory group has the clever to work an immense multi-million dollar organization, yet additionally realizes how to give five star client assistance to its merchants the organization likewise gives gathering and one-on-one trainings to its merchants The organization accepts this is the standard that most organizations are jealous of.

The majority of the organization’s business has been done in Asia with its vitality and stress alleviation item, called Maximum Velocity, the primary result of its sort ever delivered to the market. With the Patagonian Maqui juice, it tries to energetically invigorate the North American market. This is an organization that is ready to be overall marvels, as they have plans to take their organization to India, Malaysia and Singapore in mid 2010. With these five components set up, Velocity International is an organization that ought to be seen, scrutinized and allowed to sparkle. I did this in July 2009, and have never thought twice about it since. I have discovered my home forever