Brief Run CD – Printing the Discs and Packaging

Printing the CDs for a Short Run CD Printing Project

There are 3 major approaches that can be utilized to publish a short run of CDs. If you’re doing them in-house then you will more than likely be limited to the initial choice which is digital (inkjet) printing. A professional printing business will generally have screen printing and lithographic printing services available also. Each CD printing procedure has its strengths and weaknesses and we will go into more detail here:

Electronically printed CDs

An electronic CD printing press uses a similar printing approach to your common desktop inkjet printer. In fact, many modern residence printers include a CD tray that allows you to pack an inkjet CD into it and run it with the same printing heads that would generally publish onto paper. An expert digital CD printer is even more of a devoted device that is set up to print just onto CDs and has an automatic loading and dumping system for the discs. This system suggests that the machine can print up to 200 CDs neglected and, as printing with these devices tends to be rather sluggish, they can be left to print whilst others facets of the task are addressed.

This CD printing procedure is only really suitable for small amounts of CDs as it is without a doubt the slowest of the 3 major techniques. The process rate is not aided by the reality that after the printing is completed, there is still a demand for the application of a clear lacquer layer to shield the printed surface area from moisture when handled and find more information on There are inkjet printable CDs on the market that claim to have a water resistant coating when printed yet they are still not as reliable and do not look comparable to a lacquered disc. On the plus side, this procedure can be utilized to publish extremely high resolution photos and the finished product can look superb when done right. There are also no dealt with established costs with electronic CD printing which is fantastic if you just need 50 discs.


Screen printing

CD display printing is an incredibly popular, widely used process for printing CDs. The procedure is an adjustment of the display printing procedure made use of for several years to print onto paper products and, undoubtedly, it has been adapted to permit printing onto all manner of surface areas to generate top quality things such as cups, t-shirts and USB memory sticks. As the name suggests, the process involves the manufacture of printing displays where each is made use of to print a various colour onto the disc. A CD display printer has 5 printing stations and by using a disc that has actually been formerly printed with a base colour, it is feasible to create a print with 6 different colours entailed. The machine is generally a turning platen and as each colour is used at each station, the disc passes under a UV light which remedies the ink before the following colour is applied.

This process can just be used to print locations of strong colour and is not suitable for printing photo images or subtle colour gradients. Where artwork has been particularly created to use this printing strategy, though, the outcomes can be absolutely impressive specifically with the accessibility of fluorescent and metallic UV sensitive inks. The use of very fine mesh screens implies that the print is sharp, crisp and has a remarkable structure to it. When established, the ink is really robust and water resistant and is not easily damaged with rough handling of the disc.

When it concerns brief run CD printing and making use of the display printing technique, there are set prices included, namely the displays and the movies utilized to make the displays. For that reason, it is not the excellent process to make use of for much less than 100 discs if price is an issue with the job. The more discs that are screen printed, the lower the device expense gets, plus there’s the included perk that when the displays are made they can be recycled for reprints.