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Author Youngster alias Jim Award was brought into the world in 1954 in Coventry, Britain. At the point when Author was four years of age, his folks moved the family to Handsworth Wood in Birmingham. He says that he was a troublemaker in an extreme area, developing huge at a youthful age.  Albeit Author Youngster didn’t get the bug to compose until he was 35 years of age, he adored the library and was an unquenchable peruse. He says there were just two stations on TV some time ago, and for absence of substitute diversion, he read. He says he was nibbled by the secret bug even as a young person and cherished book series. Author Youngster concentrated on Law at Sheffield College in Sheffield, Britain despite the fact that he never expected on being an attorney. He says Concentrating on the law gives you a streetwise casing of reference. The law, he says incorporates every one of the things he is keen on, history, governmental issues, human science, language and financial aspects.  One Author had always wanted was to be an entertainer yet says he had no ability as an entertainer, artist or artist, so he worked behind the stage. He didn’t contemplate being a writer until he was around 35 years of age. Today he says that composing is a definitive behind the stage work.Benjamin Moser

In the wake of graduating school, Benjamin Moser filled in as a show chief with an English telecom company until he was given up at 40 years old. By and large, this was a surprisingly good development.  It was as of now that Author Youngster chose to be an author. He said that his better half took it very well and surprisingly assisted him with naming his hero, Reacher. He composed his first book in longhand finding a spot at the lounge area table. He purchased his first PC with his first development. His first book, Killing Floor was distributed in 1997. In 1998, Author and his better half, Jane and their little girl Rachel, moved to New York where Jane was a local. Today they live in New York and France.  As indicated by one questioner, Author Kid has been designated the banner kid of American wrongdoing Fiction and the best thrill ride author right now. Author has a sibling, Andrew Award, 14 years more youthful, who is additionally a fruitful author.  In 2008, Author was welcome to be a meeting teacher at his Place of graduation, The College of Sheffield. He got a Privileged Doctorate in 2009. Author subsidized 52 Jack Reacher grants at the college. Author Kid was chosen the leader of the Secret Writers of America association for 2009.

Author has a fan base that is huge and fluctuated. He appears to engage youthful and old, male and female. He says he gets a kick out of the chance to communicate with his fans through his authority site. Furthermore, obviously there is extraordinary individual fulfillment seeing individuals perusing and partaking in his books. Author says, I utilize the whiners as a harsh measure to the number of individuals I’m really coming to. Twenty genuine grumblers as a rate suggests 1,000,000 fulfilled clients, in my experience.