Talking is really easy

A stranger is someone who one does not know or does not know you. One can be a stranger to another individual, a family, a work station or in a village. A person may be known by some people and when they move to another area or locality, they become strangers. Examples of strangers are foreigners, new neighbors, new workmates and passengers in a public transport system are strangers to each other. When one goes out into the city, town or village they are most likely to meet strangers. Everyone meets strangers in their day to day activities. They become part of one’s daily or weekly routines. In today’s world with advanced technology, there is another class of strangers, whom we meet in the internet. We meet them in the social groups like Facebook, twitter and other social networking internet groups. You can now talk to strangers easily.

Close-up of two businesswomen and a businessman wearing masks

It is inevitable to talk to stranger at times. For example when in the middle of a city or town and one needs direction, to a particular place. Also when one wants to know how to go about their new duty station, they need to talk to the natives of that work station. Therefore someone needs to know how to approach strangers in different disciplines. Courtesy is of essence. You need to have the skill of approaching a new stranger for guidance. Being rude and arrogant is of no help in these circumstances. When strangers meet for the first time, the impact of first impression is long lasting and engraved on the mind for a long time. If someone creates a negative first impression and will meet this person in the following days, wrong perceptions can be made. Wrong conclusions may be made which might not be right. If someone has had a bad day they ought to try and hide this when meeting new people.