How does the Venus Factor work?

The beauty of Barban’s weight loss system is that it specifically targets those areas of a women’s body that have less success responding to more traditional exercise and diet based systems.

By addressing levels of leptin in particular, this system addresses both feelings of hunger and the underlying causes. There are plenty of questionable supplements and pills out there for potential dieters, but once you stop taking them you stop benefitting from the effects, and these typically cause more long-term damage in the body than is worth it.

Barban’s system on the other hand, ensures long-term success so long as you adhere to the management guidelines. The great thing about the diet plan is that you are really optimizing the food you intake, so while it may seem like you are eating less, you are feeling fuller for longer.

Here’s the deal with leptin. It works with and is a lot like insulin, so like too much insulin, keeps your body from functioning properly. Basically, in order to reduce and control leptin, you will be doing things to also reduce and control insulin – really something everyone should do, particularly as they age.

The Venus Factor lays out specific foods to focus on – such as foods high in fiber and certain proteins – while also telling you what to skip. As you may imagine, sugars and carbohydrates are out – you didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you?

You’ll follow the specific diet plan for about twelve weeks, incorporating exercise if you want to. While this is recommended, for some people they may not have the right energy or be ready to implement exercise, and that’s okay!

Remember, you are resetting some of your body’s components, so it will take time and lots of discipline on your part, but luckily, Barban’s system makes it easy to do so!