Electronic Tenders and Digital Signatures and Certificates

In these long stretches of computer and internet the vast majority of the business exchanges are presently carried on electronically over the internet. It includes welcoming offers through tenders, responding to such electronic tenders, winning the same online, and completing the billing and payment processes online also. Most interesting part is that such exchanges can be carried out without the bidder and requestor without seeing each other truly.

Digital Signature Solution

E-Tendering System

A large portion of the governments and numerous corporate houses have now switched over to electronic tenders for procurement of articles, granting of agreements and projects and for some such works.

┬áSome of the significant advantages of e-tendering system are –

  • It has successfully replaced the conventional paper based tenders.
  • E-tender is time and cost economic.
  • It helps acquiring transparency in the entire tendering process since there are no man-to-man contacts.
  • The process helps the requesting organization just as the bidder to choose their preferred service provider effectively.
  • Calling and responding to tenders irrespective of area is currently possible as e-tenders overlap every single geographical barrier.

E-Tendering Opportunities

Since the entire process of electronic tenders is automated, it offers great opportunities for the prospective bidders to offer for the project without running from column to post. Indeed; it shortens the procurement cycle quite effectively and improves the work culture generously. For the requesting agency it becomes easier to discover the best deals since the evaluation process is system aided.

Digital Signature and Digital Certificates

However one of the significant requirements for responding to and winning the Electronic Tenders is digital signature and certificate obtained by the bidder. Either class 3A or 3B digital signatures are used for responding to e-tenders gia han chu ky so fpt. Thus, the digital certificate fills in as the internet identification for the bidder. Prospective bidders may not be worried unnecessarily about these since they can be obtained by registering with appropriate authorities inside 8-10 hours time.

Legal Aspects of E-Tenders

Bidders need to be conversant with the legal requirements for offering on the international, national, and nearby tenders. For instance; a bidder in India responding to the e-tenders needs to abide by the arrangements set down in the IT Act of 2000. Digital certificate issued by Controller of Certifying Agency or CCA might be considered as legitimate and recognized by the official courtroom.

Comparable legislation exists in the vast majority of the countries and learning about them before responding to tenders would be a step in the correct direction.