How You Can Help People By Traveling


Traveling is funny and can teach you a lot. But it is not only good for you – it helps locals.

When you pay for a room, food, transport, entrance tickets and guides, people earn. If you only use expensive hotel and restaurant chains, your money goes to rich owners, so it is better to use cheaper local services. For some people, especially on islands, tourist trade is the most reliable source of income. In Africa, tourists bring most of the money needed to protect national parks. Some villages in Nepal that were damaged in the last big earthquake recovered mostly thanks to adventurers who visited them. This turned out to be more reliable than charity as many organisations stole money that people wanted to send there. You can only be sure who got your money if you personally give it to someone.

When you travel, you can also help prevent hunting and theft as some people who lived of those activities can stop if they are offered to be tourist guides or drivers or to give rooms for rent.

There are even volunteering camps and tours where visitors can help build houses, plant trees or count animals.

Of course, traveling can also have negative impacts. Huge masses of people in a small place mean more waste and sometimes exhausts if they use motor vehicles. Hotels and entertainment centres are built because of this and sand or even concrete is brought to beaches. All of those harms nature.

For those reasons, travelers should choose smaller, locally owned places to dwell in on their visits. They should opt for vehicles that pollute less, go to natural beaches, conserve water, tidy up litter and boycot hunting – instead, they should choose something like photo safari.