How to Prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday is the day of all days. It is the day that sales are explosive and deals are worth sticking around for. It isn’t only electronics available at ridiculously low prices on this special shopping day, although it is easy to find some spectacular sales on items like TVs, Blu Ray players, smartphones, etc. Also on sale during this shopping extravaganza is toys, home goods, clothing, tools, sporting items, and more. If you are lucky you can really shop ‘til you drop and arrive back home with deals worthy of telling all of your friend about.

It is necessary to plan and prepare for the day after thanksgiving, however. Just about everyone will be out there shopping, and with items available only in limited quantities, you want to be one of the first faces inside of the door when the store opens. Here are a few tips that make it easier for you when the big day finally arrives.

  • Take advantage of sales papers and special ads made available. They’ll direct you toward the best deals on the items that you want to buy
  • Learn what time stores open. Some open during the middle of the night or even the night before
  • Consider the alternative to Black Friday shopping –Cyber Monday –if you hate the thought of fighting the crowds –and the traffic
  • Have a backup plan. As mentioned, limited quantities of many items make it impossible for everyone to grab the deal. If you miss out on something that you really want, have a backup plan at another store
  • Send family members to different stores at the same time
  • It is easy to impulsively buy on this day, so make sure that you come equipped with willpower to avoid these purchase –and taking home items that you really won’t use.