How to Conceal yourself during Spring Snow Goose hunting

Spring snow goose hunting is the best time of the year to catch waterfowl. But, as enjoyable as it is, catching these birds is also a somewhat frustrating experience. It is necessary that you are well concealed in order to fool these birds and trick them into coming your way. They’ve seen the decoys before, and they quickly notice anything that seems unusual for the area. Proper concealment is important.

Blind Layout

When hunting waterfowl, layout blinds are good to use because they give you a place to rest your back and your head while also protecting you from rain and other weather elements. This is not true when hunting snow geese, however, as this smart bird is able to easily spot the rectangular boxes, even though the decoys set up. If you want to use the blinds, keep them out of the landing zone.


White suits are typically worn by those who are snow geese hunting because they cover the entire body. These suits are cheap and allow the hunter to easily blend in among the layout of decoys. Check for different brands and styles of suits to find one that you like most that is also within your budget. Purchase a quality suit. It is worth the few extra dollars. Also, make sure that a face mask Is purchased with the suit. This mask offers the best in concealment .

Spring snow goose hunting is just around the corner. If you are gearing up for a successful season, make sure that you know how to stay hidden. Along with decoys, the ability to stay hidden is an important factor in the success of your hunt. We hope that the tips above are useful to your hunt.