The Poiz Residence: maximizing space and Making it Appealing

That is exactly what they did when building plans for the Poiz Residence were approved. A somewhat large area built with multiple use buildings in an L shape were designed with hundreds of condos built right over businesses. Tenants on the lower levels could be direct neighbors to coffee shops right below them. For many individuals, that is a huge plus.

Condo’s go up high enough on two sides to allow for over 600 homes. That is part of what creates space, but gives so many amenities at the same time. You walk out of your home and within almost seconds, you are at a resort-style pool. In fact it appeared that there are 2 pools. The landscaping looks very well-kept and elegant.

You walk some more and you’ll find yourself in a fitness center. Keep on going and you’ll get to play tennis at the tennis court. Feel like shopping? Head in another direction, but within the same area and you’re in the mall that has loads of shopping. If you’re feeling hungry there is a different restaurant all over the place. If you want to travel a little further, bus stations are easy walking distance. It’s no wonder there is no problem filling vacancies here. Everything someone needs access to is here, or not that far.

Banking institutions are close, the post office is likely not far, supermarkets are very close. If you’re moving here with your family there is schooling of all kinds. If your household has people ranging from little kids to college students they have a play structure and colleges very close by. Both ages will enjoy the swimming pools. Condos are set up to enjoy having barbecues with family and friends. What more could anyone want? Literally, dang near everything is right at your fingertips here.