Why You Must Come out of Your Anticipatory Anxiety… and Soon!

You must not let anticipatory anxiety, or any form of anxiety for that matter, to rule your mind so strongly that it deters you from progressing in your personal or professional life. Anxiety is a very negative human trait, and the more of it you have in yourself, the more you will be pulled back. But the moment you are able to wedge out of your anxiety, you will find that you are free to achieve your dreams and aspirations, and you will also gain people’s respect for being able to do so.

The first reason why you should snap out of your anticipatory anxiety woes is that it is deterring you from doing well in whatever task it is that you have to undertake. Because of your current nervous frame of mind, you are not able to concentrate on the things that you really need to do, and that could seriously jeopardize your situation. This won’t work for you in the long run, and definitely not on the event day.

Instead, you need to channel your mind into thinking about the various things, excellent things, that could come your way if you do everything right. People will compliment you for your good performance; you might get even a promotion or some similar accolade that your feat warrants. You need to focus on that, and you will find things will move along in a better way.

There is another practical reason why you should keep anticipatory anxiety at bay, and that is the health reason. It is not good for your physical and mental health to get worked up in this manner. The event will come and go, but the damage it does to your nerves is probably going to stay. Hence it is better that you learn how to cope with your situation at the earliest, face it, and give it the best shot you can.