The Melinda Stoika Website

Melinda Stoika is an up and coming name that you should get to know just a little bit better. Born in Hungary but residing most of her life in Austria, the young woman has shown incredible dedication to music and entertainment since she was little. Her father was a jazz piano player that shed his genes and love of music her way.

Stoika plays great music that is fun to hear. The songs that she plays make you want to dance. They feel good and they help you feel great from the inside out. It is pretty amazing to say the least. You can learn more about Stoika and all that she does when you visit her website at

On her website, you can:

  • Listen to Music: There are many of Stoika’s awesome songs posted right on her website for you to listen to whenever you would like. Just push play! We love to hear music, especially when it is easily available.
  • Photo Opps: There is an awesome gallery of photos of Stoika. It is nice to browse these photos because it gives you a glimpse into the personality of this great talent. She is so full of energy and hope and happiness and it shows in all that she does.
  • Events: What is coming up in the world of Stoika? The best way that you can find out is to visit her website and check out the upcoming events. There isn’t an easier place to go to learn this information!
  • Get in Touch: Want to contact Stokia? There isn’t an easier way to do it than to use the contact form on her website. Whether you want to boo a show or something else, this form makes it so easy to do in a matter of seconds.
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