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What is Cursors.io Looking to Show?

So, you’ve been looking at the new craze that is known as cursors.io. You may have seen a cursors io hack here or there that makes it easier for people to achieve whatever it is that they’re trying to achieve in the long run. In short, you have to work with everyone else that is in the game at the same time in order to get to the door and go to the next level. But did you know that this is actually a huge social experiment as well?

There are a lot of things that this works to show, but the main thing is about how those who are rich with skill will just continue to move forward, and those who don’t really have it may have troubles. Ever hear of the “rich get richer and the poor get poorer?” That’s basically what cursors.io is showing people. A lot of people will just go ahead and screw people up in order to leave them behind and so that they can move ahead. Yikes!

Of course, there are some people who will use a cursors io hack to get those doors open instead. This says its own thing about society; in short, that there are people who are out there that will work to make sure that everyone can get into that open door and move forward. Some people won’t use the hack (claiming that they want to make their own way). Others will use it because it’s there and they know that it will help them to get ahead. And this is where a lot of people see the generosity of those who are out in the world and look to make it better for everyone and anyone who may be working with them.

Why You Must Come out of Your Anticipatory Anxiety… and Soon!

You must not let anticipatory anxiety, or any form of anxiety for that matter, to rule your mind so strongly that it deters you from progressing in your personal or professional life. Anxiety is a very negative human trait, and the more of it you have in yourself, the more you will be pulled back. But the moment you are able to wedge out of your anxiety, you will find that you are free to achieve your dreams and aspirations, and you will also gain people’s respect for being able to do so.

The first reason why you should snap out of your anticipatory anxiety woes is that it is deterring you from doing well in whatever task it is that you have to undertake. Because of your current nervous frame of mind, you are not able to concentrate on the things that you really need to do, and that could seriously jeopardize your situation. This won’t work for you in the long run, and definitely not on the event day.

Instead, you need to channel your mind into thinking about the various things, excellent things, that could come your way if you do everything right. People will compliment you for your good performance; you might get even a promotion or some similar accolade that your feat warrants. You need to focus on that, and you will find things will move along in a better way.

There is another practical reason why you should keep anticipatory anxiety at bay, and that is the health reason. It is not good for your physical and mental health to get worked up in this manner. The event will come and go, but the damage it does to your nerves is probably going to stay. Hence it is better that you learn how to cope with your situation at the earliest, face it, and give it the best shot you can.

How to Prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday is the day of all days. It is the day that sales are explosive and deals are worth sticking around for. It isn’t only electronics available at ridiculously low prices on this special shopping day, although it is easy to find some spectacular sales on items like TVs, Blu Ray players, smartphones, etc. Also on sale during this shopping extravaganza is toys, home goods, clothing, tools, sporting items, and more. If you are lucky you can really shop ‘til you drop and arrive back home with deals worthy of telling all of your friend about.

It is necessary to plan and prepare for the day after thanksgiving, however. Just about everyone will be out there shopping, and with items available only in limited quantities, you want to be one of the first faces inside of the door when the store opens. Here are a few tips that make it easier for you when the big day finally arrives.

  • Take advantage of sales papers and special ads made available. They’ll direct you toward the best deals on the items that you want to buy
  • Learn what time stores open. Some open during the middle of the night or even the night before
  • Consider the alternative to Black Friday shopping –Cyber Monday –if you hate the thought of fighting the crowds –and the traffic
  • Have a backup plan. As mentioned, limited quantities of many items make it impossible for everyone to grab the deal. If you miss out on something that you really want, have a backup plan at another store
  • Send family members to different stores at the same time
  • It is easy to impulsively buy on this day, so make sure that you come equipped with willpower to avoid these purchase –and taking home items that you really won’t use.

Bitcoin Mt. Gox Collapse

Mt. Gox was a bitcoin exchange website based out of Japan, which was once the largest of any other exchange platform. In February of 2014, Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy, claiming a loss of 750,000 customers’ bitcoins along with 100,000 worth about $500 million dollars.

The blame for the cause of the bitcoin loss was hacking. The hacker was accused of manipulating the company’s account system. A year later, a man was brought into custody suspected on manipulating his account making it appear as though $1 million was added to it. The man was Mark Karpeles, who was head of Mt. Gox at the time of the collapse. While the connection between his account, that of  Mt. Gox and the missing $500 million was unclear, it was suspected that Karpeles was the cause of the missing bitcoin. However, no official statement was given by Japanese police to confirm the theory. Mr. Karpeles has not been charged with a crime yet but was taken into police custody on Saturday, August 1st 2015.  He has not been brought up on charges since he was brought in for questioning.

Mt. Gox’s mysteriously disappearing bitcoin has people questioning the situation, doubting it was really lost. This is especially the case when Mt. Gox claimed to have found some of the “missing” bitcoin, but for the rest of the missing bitcoin its whereabouts are still unknown. Theorists speculate that Mr. Karpeles himself stole the bitcoin and exchanged it for money. Due to bitcoins untraceable nature, the theory cannot be proven, but it was enough that angry customers sat and protested in front of Mt. Gox headquarters.

It is unclear whether Mr. Karpeles was the cause of the collapse or even the mastermind behind it. To date, there has been no official arrest made. Instead, an investigation was opened. The courts appointed another exchange company to help find the missing bitcoin, but the odds of finding the collapsed Mt Gox bitcoins are not good.

How does the Venus Factor work?

The beauty of Barban’s weight loss system is that it specifically targets those areas of a women’s body that have less success responding to more traditional exercise and diet based systems.

By addressing levels of leptin in particular, this system addresses both feelings of hunger and the underlying causes. There are plenty of questionable supplements and pills out there for potential dieters, but once you stop taking them you stop benefitting from the effects, and these typically cause more long-term damage in the body than is worth it.

Barban’s system on the other hand, ensures long-term success so long as you adhere to the management guidelines. The great thing about the diet plan is that you are really optimizing the food you intake, so while it may seem like you are eating less, you are feeling fuller for longer.

Here’s the deal with leptin. It works with and is a lot like insulin, so like too much insulin, keeps your body from functioning properly. Basically, in order to reduce and control leptin, you will be doing things to also reduce and control insulin – really something everyone should do, particularly as they age.

The Venus Factor lays out specific foods to focus on – such as foods high in fiber and certain proteins – while also telling you what to skip. As you may imagine, sugars and carbohydrates are out – you didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you?

You’ll follow the specific diet plan for about twelve weeks, incorporating exercise if you want to. While this is recommended, for some people they may not have the right energy or be ready to implement exercise, and that’s okay!

Remember, you are resetting some of your body’s components, so it will take time and lots of discipline on your part, but luckily, Barban’s system makes it easy to do so!

How You Can Help People By Traveling


Traveling is funny and can teach you a lot. But it is not only good for you – it helps locals.

When you pay for a room, food, transport, entrance tickets and guides, people earn. If you only use expensive hotel and restaurant chains, your money goes to rich owners, so it is better to use cheaper local services. For some people, especially on islands, tourist trade is the most reliable source of income. In Africa, tourists bring most of the money needed to protect national parks. Some villages in Nepal that were damaged in the last big earthquake recovered mostly thanks to adventurers who visited them. This turned out to be more reliable than charity as many organisations stole money that people wanted to send there. You can only be sure who got your money if you personally give it to someone.

When you travel, you can also help prevent hunting and theft as some people who lived of those activities can stop if they are offered to be tourist guides or drivers or to give rooms for rent.

There are even volunteering camps and tours where visitors can help build houses, plant trees or count animals.

Of course, traveling can also have negative impacts. Huge masses of people in a small place mean more waste and sometimes exhausts if they use motor vehicles. Hotels and entertainment centres are built because of this and sand or even concrete is brought to beaches. All of those harms nature.

For those reasons, travelers should choose smaller, locally owned places to dwell in on their visits. They should opt for vehicles that pollute less, go to natural beaches, conserve water, tidy up litter and boycot hunting – instead, they should choose something like photo safari.